About Us

Flooded Cleanup Services has the experience you can rely on to help you through a flood event. Flood clean up may be needed after a broken pipe bursts, froma sewage back up, excessive rain, or melting snow. We a family operated business and have been in in the in the flood and water damage industry for over 25 years.

We can help you through this inconvenient crisis from the moment you pick up the phone and call us, to the drying and restoration of your property. We can provide professional advice and guide you through insurance claims or out of pocket expenses. We even provide flood and water damage drying equipment rentals so that you may take care of it all your self, should you desire to.

We provide equipment rental to independent contractors too! We drop off, set up and pick up all of the requested equipment in order to make this unfortunate experience easier. Call us now! 1866.413.5663

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