Mold Clean Up and Removal

Flooded Cleanup services specializes on mold clean up and removal. Our professionals are highly trained and experienced to provide optimal mold clean up and thus making sure all mold growth is removed. 

Getting rid of mold isn’t as simple as to just clean it up. Mold removal has to be performed in order to make sure the mold growth never comes back. All the contaminated material has to be removed after the clean up itself is completed.

Mold poses many health risks and can cause extensive structural damage. excess mold spores deplete room oxygen by using it up to keep growing and causing lack of room oxygen for us to breath. Loose mold spores can cause allergic reactions, and chronic respiratory problems like asthma and eventually respiratory infections.

Mold can also invite pests like cockroaches, termites, crickets, booklice, mold mites, beettles etc. All insects need water and food. Some types of bugs feed on mold. Insects are often found in moldy books. Mold growth breaks down paper and the bugs eat the mold. Insects are also found in moldy piles of paper, around moldy windows, under moldy wallpaper, wet and moldy drywall and in other areas with mold growth.



Get the job done right the 1st time! Let our mold Clean up and mold removal experts get rid of your mold problems.

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