Water Damage

Water Damage caused by an unexpected flood can be very stressful. Whether it is a broken water pipe from rust or a bad soldered joint, burst frozen pipe from freezing weather, sewage back up from a sewer back flow or rain water from a heavy rain or storm. You can count on the Flooded Clean Up team to clean up all the mess and help you prevent secondary damage like mold growth from happening. Call 866-41-FLOOD (35663). We deliver solutions!

Water Damage can lead to secondary damage and cause thousands of dollars worth of structural damage. It is important to act fast and take proper actions when any water damage from flooding is noticed. Proper water removal/extraction is necessary followed by a thorough inspection of all affected porous material. Depending on the category of water (see water category details below) any affected or contaminated material should be sorted and discarded if necessary to avoid microbiological growth and/or bacteria from forming and spreading as it may spread rapidly and increase costs of water damage mitigation and remediation services.

Category 1Category 2Category 3


Water damage clean up cat 1

water that comes from sources like faucets, toilet tanks or drinking fountains are considered category 1. If left ignored, stagnant water will become category 2. excessive moisture will eventually contribute to mold growth.

cat 2 water damage clean up

Grey is water full of contaminates and it is believed to be responsible for causing health issues if ingested. Dishwashing machines  or overflowing the water from a washing machine overflow, a toilet with some urine but not feces, sink back up or any over flow without solid waste is considered category 2.

When water flows into a basement from the outside through the cracks and crevices of a faulty foundation it s also considered category 2 because of all the contaminants and fertilizers it brings in with it.

sewage clean up cat. 3

This category is the most unsanitary. It has the potential of causing severe health hazards especially when ingested. Sewer backup containing solid waste, overflowing rivers, streams stagnant or poling water are optimum sources of bacterial growth. 

Regardless of the category, our Flooded Cleanup Professionals are experienced and well equipped to handle any type loss.

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